Our Team

You don’t really hire an agency. You hire its people.

At the end of the day, our business is about people. Our people. Your people. The people who buy and sell your product. Relationships mean everything and our client relationships are something we are very proud of.

Marc “Jake” Jacobson

Position: President

Profile: Marc became President of Silverman Group in 2003. He possesses the ultimate positive attitude and the ability to think on his feet. He has a personal passion for all things sports as witnessed by his work with the Boston Celtics, US Open, and the National Hockey League.

Marcy Silverman

Position: Vice President, Creative

Profile: Marcy was the Creative Director for Starter Sportswear before she joined Silverman Group in 1999. With over 15 years of domestic and international brand experience, Marcy is well known for creative and strategic problem solving. She’s worked with the NBA, Pizzeria Uno, Playboy, and Time Warner to name a few.

George Shea

Position: Vice President, Strategic Business Development

Profile: George spent the last 18 years leading clients for agencies like Ryan Partnership. He cut his teeth at SUBWAY World Headquarters and has a solid background in partner alliances and entertainment and property marketing.

Lisa Silverman

Position: Senior Account Supervisor/Media Planning

Profile: Lisa helps keep it all together. Big on details and short on excuses, Lisa gets involved. Adept at media planning and buying, Lisa loves hunting for a good media bargain.

Thomas Lindquist

Position: Director, Digital Services

Profile: Tom has extensive experience designing and building websites and digital marketing solutions for businesses and academic institutions. He excels at leveraging everything from social media opportunities to secure e-commerce platforms.


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